Crowdfunding Takes Capital & Expertise. We Help You Get Both.

Crowdfunding success requires that you attract and convert lots of backers, and that takes more money and know-how that most startups have.

That’s where we come in.

The Fulcra Advantage

  • We provide the funds to aggressively advertise your campaign
  • We partner you with a leading crowdfunding marketing agency
  • You get access to follow-on funding to grow your business

Get The Funds You Need Today!

Minimum Loan


Maximum Loan


Time to Decision

< 72 Hours

Average ROAS


How Fulcra Works

Apply For Funds

  • Tell us about you and your project

Get Approved

  • We move fast (like you)

Market Your Campaign

  • Meet your agency (the best of the best)


Frequently asked questions

How much funding can I receive?

Funding starts at $25,000 but loans can be granted up to $100,000.

Who receives the money?

The partner agency receives the funding and invests it in advertising on your behalf.

What are the terms?

You’ll pay back the actual amount the agency spends on advertising plus a fee at the end of your campaign.

Can I use any agency?

No. You must work with one of our partner agencies. They’re the best of the best.

Can we manage our own advertising?

Sorry, no.

Can Fulcra help with other funding needs?

Possibly. If you need money for inventory, PO financing and customer acquisition.

Why Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding offers product startups in particular a great avenue to raise initial capital while validating their concept for future investment and sales. It’s also a growing industry with an enthusiastic customer base for product startups.

Do we have to launch our campaign on a specific platform?

Nope! We’ll leave it to the agency to decide the best platform for your campaign.

Is the funding available for rewards and equity crowdfunding?

Yes, but we prefer rewards-based campaigns.

Fulcra is a team of successful product startup experts with decades of hands-on experience as both founders and investors. In fact, we’ve helped launch hundreds of new product businesses and worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. 

Time and again, the biggest constraint entrepreneurs, like you, face is a lack of capital needed to market their ideas. That’s why we’ve created Fulcra to provide the capital and expertise creators need to bring their innovations to market. We enable crowdfunding creators to quickly access the capital needed to run effective marketing campaigns that drive traffic and convert backers for their projects.

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